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Unique Dog Houses - Steps to Finding the Right One


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Unique Dog Houses - Steps to Finding the Right One

Unique dog houses - who needs them? Well your dog, for one, because your dog is unique and the choice of dog house will be easier if steps are taken to review a few basic things relating to his needs.

When you think about it, a dog's house is more or less the equivalent of a dog crate, which is more or less the equivalent of a dog's den. If you have trained your dog in a crate from the time he was a puppy then transitioning your dog to use an outside dog house will be a lot easier. He'll already be "den" oriented.

But because his new digs will be "outside", you'll want to spend a bit of time taking steps to review these things:- his size, age and appearance, climate, how much time will be spent outside, and his outdoor habits. So let's begin with

Step l - Size

While a dog house should be big enough so that your dog can stand up, turn around inside and lay down in his favorite position, don't get it too big if it is expected to provide warmth on colder days. This is especially important if you live somewhere that gets a lot of cold weather. For those dogs living in moderate climates the sizing isn't as much of a factor. One rule of thumb for sizing, is to draw a rectangle around your dog while he is lying down in his usual position - then make the rectangle 3-inches larger. than this. For height, make it 5-7 inches more taller than your dog's top of shoulder height.

Step 2 - Age And Appearance

If you are choosing a dog house for an older dog that you are adopting or a new house for a senior dog you already have, then age does have a bearing. You'll want to take a closer look at the comfort and warmth the house can provide. In this case insulated houses are better shelters and can be fitted out with substantial dog pads for comfort. When it comes to appearance, how much fur does your dog have? On cold winter days, a large and heavily coated breed will not need the same kind of shelter as a small or sparsely coated dog.

Step 3 - The Climate

For those living in climates that are not extreme in either summer or winter, your dog will probably do well in a house appropriate for all seasons. Even when it's the rainy season, many dog houses have easy to attach doors that can be removed when not needed. But, for the more extreme climates, insulated houses work the best for retaining warmth in the winter and providing a cooler interior during hot summer days. Additionally, if your dog needs more climate control, most doghouses can be connected to up with a combination heater/air conditioning unit. In areas that receive significant snowfall, the roof slope is another factor for consideration.

Step 4 - Time Spent Outside

How much time your dog spends outside will have a big influence on the type of dog house needed and where it is situated in your yard. If a dog is in his house a good deal, then it is nice to select one with a roof extending over the entrance so that he can be sheltered from sun and rain while looking out. Maybe even a little deck would be enjoyed. Raised houses are also a good choice for keeping mildew at bay, as well as preventing water or dampness from seeping into the floor. They are also not so inviting to bugs looking for a home, plus can be moved around without leaving an imprint.

Step 5 - Outdoor Activities

This step refers to how messy your dog is while outside. Is he one that frequently likes to re-landscape your yard, or dig for buried treasure in the mud and then drag his messy self back into his house for a nap? In other words, is he a dirty dog? If this is your kind of dog, then ease of clean-up may be one of your top priorities to consider! And you'll be happy to know that there are dog houses with removable roofs to make clean-up so much easier.

Your last step is actually an invitation to visit us at to see attractive dog house designs, including some unique dog houses that combine form with the functions we've been discussing here. We have lots of options to adapt our houses to your pets needs!.