Monday, August 27, 2012

Qualities of Good Air Conditioners for Tents

Portable air conditioners for tents go a long way in ensuring that we enjoy events held in the great outdoors. Outdoor events are normally held during the summer months when the weather can be extremely hot and humid. Being in a tent all afternoon on a hot summer day can be quite uncomfortable and it is for this reason that tent air conditioning is a must. Humidity and the crowd of people gathered at your event make the temperature levels rise even further making conditions very uncomfortable for your guests.   When searching for the ideal air conditioning unit for your tent, there are certain features that are a must.  Keep the following qualities in mind when conducting your search:
Easy to transport: Portable air conditioners should be easy to transport from one place to another. If you are an event planner or tend to have many outdoor family gatherings then having an ac for your tent is a must.  The unit you choose should be light weight and easy to carry, preferably with built in handles.   

Durable: Choose an air conditioner that is durable.  This is not something that you purchase frequently or is easily replaced.   Choose a model that will function for many years to come. Most are made with long time service in mind.
Powerful: The ac should have enough power to ensure suitable air flow within the tent. The size of the tent  and the corresponding specs for the new unit should guide your decision.  

Practical: The air conditioner chosen should be economical to purchase and more importantly economical to operate on an on-going basis.
Safety: The portable air conditioner you choose should be safe to use outdoors.  You should be able to place your unit outside the tent away from guests.  It should therefore be capable of sitting out in the weather … rain, snow, or extreme hot or cold weather should not affect the operation of the unit.

Features: Besides air conditioning,  good heating and dehumidifying are a necessity. These comprehensive features will allow you to hold events in virtually any season and ensure the comfort of your guests.  The capability to run on a small generator is also very desirable if you plan on hosting events in remote areas or any location that does not have permanent electricity available.  A remote control, although not absolutely necessary, can also be quite handy.
Consider the above features and you should make a wise decision on a tent ac  that will serve you well for many years to come.  A good portable air conditioner is not only reserved for event organisers but can also be useful for individuals and companies who enjoy hosting events in outdoor settings.

When in need of excellent tent air conditioning, look for a unit that comes with features that will give you and your guests a pleasant event.  Visit for more information on tent air conditioners.