Friday, July 1, 2016

Portable Air Conditioner for Dog Houses

For Your Beloved Pet

Dogs are domestic creatures, though their lineage can be traced back to wolves.  Unlike their ancestors, dogs are much more vulnerable to climate changes than the average pet owner realizes. If, say, your Dalmatian is introduced to a warm climate after being in a cold one, his/her discomfort will be clearly displayed through heat boils, hair loss and increased stress. If your situation dictates that your pet must be kept outdoors, it’s imperative that you provide a comfort space where your pet can get relief from the elements.

ClimateRight brings you a product as ideal as it is efficient.   A dog house occupies only a small space in your yard, enough for a pet who probably loves the outdoors, nurturing his/her canine instincts.  Coupled with the ClimateRight CR-2550 you have the perfect solution, cooling or heating the interior of your dog house at a steady 2500 BTU while at the same time controlling humidity to keep your pet comfortable.   

A dog house is more than a mere structure …  it’s your loyal companion’s home when he/she is living outdoors.  Adding climate control to your pet’s home is a must, especially if you live in extremely hot or cold climates.   If you’re in a hot climate, like coastal Florida or South West California, it cools the inside of the dog house to the temperature you know is right for your pet. In cold regions, like Oregon or Idaho, a dog could really do with some heat.  In this case, the CR portable air conditioner heats and dehumidifies the air inside the dog house, making it a refuge worthy of your beloved pet.

Dogs are curious creatures.  Surely they will sniff out the product placed outside their home, and in the territory they protect.   Rest assured these units meet the strictest standards, put out no harmful emissions and will not harm your pet.  Marking territory is a common thing among male dogs. If he sees the unit as something to ‘mark’, it’s alright for him to do so and remain safe. This product can be cleaned with water afterward, requiring no special treatments.

Installation of a portable air conditioner for doghouses could not be easier.  Drill a couple of holes in your dog house and attach the air intake and outtake hoses for air circulation.  Plug it in, set the thermostat, and that’s it!  Your dog will find solace in his outdoor home, free from discomfort and happy as a dog can be. The next time he goes out for the night, be it hot or cold, he’ll do so gladly, tail a wagging!