Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keep Your Dog Cool with a Dog House Air Conditioner

When you treat your pet like a family member, the best way to show that you really care is with a totally decked out dog house. In order to make your dog house into a dog PALACE, the most important ingredient is a dog house air conditioner.

Importance of Climate Control with Your Dog

If you live in a very hot climate, you know how important it is for your dog to stay cool. And adding air conditioning to your dog’s house will help keep your precious dog healthy and cool all summer long. The air conditioner for your dog’s house will not only keep your dog’s house cool in the summer, it will also balance the humidity.

Works as a Heating Unit, Too

One of the best things about the dog air conditioner is that it also works as a heating unit. It will keep your dog’s house warm in the winter and delightfully cool in the summer. Your dog will love its new house since you can now control the climate to meet his heating and cooling needs.

Lightweight and Portable

The air conditioner for your dog’s house is a lightweight and portable unit that is very easy to install. You can purchase an insulated dog house that works perfectly with these units, or you can attach the unit to a dog house that you already have. These units are very easy to install. It will take less than an hour - just grab your favorite flat head screw driver and an electric drill. Just place the air conditioning unit on a flat level surface and connect the flexible air input and output ducts to your dog house. Plug it in, set the desired temperature and you are good to go!

No More Guilt

There are times when your dog cannot be in the house, and when you love your pet as much as any other member of the family, you will want your dog to be comfortable day and night in its space. If you have friends or family with dog allergies or if you have a contractor working in your house, you will not want to have your dog inside. If you have ever felt guilty about putting your dog outside, after installing this air conditioner in your dog’s house, you will never feel guilty again. Your dog might actually want to spend more time outside with a place to cool off after you install the air conditioning unit. He can romp in the yard at will, knowing he has a private and comfortable place to rest. If you have the dog house inside a dog-run, your dog can get plenty of exercise and still remain cool and comfy in his very own air conditioned space.

Features and Ease of Use

The air conditioning unit is light weight (44 lbs) and has built in handles making it easy to carry. It has a digital display that is very easy to read and it has a programmable thermostat. You can adjust the temperature to be between 62 and 88 degrees. The new hand held remote makes adjustments extremely convenient. Once set the unit will automatically switch between heat and air conditioning to maintain a constant temperature. The unit is small and safe for use inside a building, too. These units are sometimes used with a dog house inside a barn or garage in extreme climates for extra protection.

Maximum Versatility

These portable air conditioners can easily be moved to different spaces as needed. You might have the air conditioning unit connected to your dog’s house for the majority of the year, but if your family goes camping, you can cool your tent for a few days as well. These units can also be used safely with small RV trailers and campers.

The dog house air conditioner is extremely versatile and puts out 2500 BTU to cool any small enclosure (5-350 cubic feet) and keep the occupants cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

If you love to pamper your dog, an air conditioned dog house is the utmost in luxury. Adding a small air conditioning and heating unit to your dog house is not a difficult thing to do.

Summary: This article is about the air conditioned dog house. It explains how easy it is to set it up and the versatility of the unit.

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